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Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo fast charging technology do unveil on Monday

“Xiaomi has proposed a new brand for its fast charging technology”

Chinese original equipment manufacturers have been pioneers in fast wired charging technology. OPPO provides VOOC charging to the public through OPPO Find 7 because people know very little about fast-charging batteries. Xiaomi also seems to be doing the same wireless fast charging. The company announced today that it will showcase its own Mi Charge Turbo brand technology in China on Monday. The announcement may also be accompanied by detailed information about the Mi MIX 4 flagship product that will be rumored to be launched this month. The current breakthrough only allows 20W wireless charging on smartphones.

Xiaomi officials said that this fast wireless charging is aimed at the 5G era, and the company will detail its future in next week's event. As for how fast we expect new technology, it may be anything above 20W, but it is widely believed that its rated power is 30W, and Huawei has been working for a while. However, a recent tip states that the wireless charging of the Mi MIX 4 will be faster than wired charging.

Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo fast charging technology do unveil on Monday

Equally interesting, Xiaomi is releasing a series of USB charging ports that mark the short timeline of its evolution, as shown below. This leads us to believe that Xiaomi can reveal something related to USB 4.0, which just happened to be announced this week and supports 100W charging speed. However, smartphones with technology can only be launched next year.

Xiaomi has demonstrated its ambitious 100W fast charging technology in recent weeks, which is indeed a very impressive achievement in its market segment. It takes only 17 minutes to charge the 4,000mAh battery, which obviously feels like something in the sci-fi world. Although Xiaomi has said that it is trying to bring breakthroughs to the public as soon as possible.

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